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Before I coached with Wendy, I was constantly worried:  How I was going to ever get my new home livable?  How there was ever going to be free time?  How I could ever entertain again?
This was a very stressful time in my life.  Everything was so much harder than it is now.  As in, if you need tylenol where in there world is it?
I finally said yes to coaching when I realized I was worth spending money and time on to get what I wanted.
After coaching, I feel confident to deal with challenges.  I have peace of mind and confidence.  I also noticed that when I’m faced with a challenge, I can break it down and figure it out much more easily.
One of my favorite aspects of coaching was figuring out the why behind holding on to possessions.  It was peaceful and good to let them go.
Kathy E., R.N.





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